Friday, 2 December 2016

Soo Cubus Pre-Alpha 4.0 / Simply Mindy 0.1.0

Soo Cubus

Kay. First, the obvious thing: Soo Cubus 4.0, which more or less marks the end of the game's big updates. I'll still do updates, but there aren't going to be any more endings, items, new areas, or any of that shiznit. It's all polishing at this point, and damned if it doesn't still need a lot. This week's highlights:

- The last two endings, tied into a boss battle. You win, you lose, you know the drill. Unlocking this final of final bits is simple enough, I guess: snag all those damned keys. It takes some doing, but I managed it before posting this, and, by god, it is wholly possible in a single playthrough. (Though certainly not your first playthrough.) Good luck!

Please note that the final ending's achievement prize is intended to be two more galleries, but I ran out of time, and for now you just get a statistical boost. I plan to change this in the future, once the new game is well underway and I have more time to devote to Soo Cubus again.

- Changed the achievement prize for the 666 ending. Before you started with an additional $6,666; now you start with the 666 key. I decided that trying to get that ending whenever you want to get the final ending was too much of a pain in the ass. (I need to modify that cut scene a bit in the future, but for the moment you still just get that key.)

- ... honestly, that's all. The new endings kept me busier than I thought I would be. No bug fixes, alas, but there aren't any game-breaking ones that I can see anyway, so I'm not that concerned. 

Simply Mindy

New game! Yes, the first build of my second Cubus game, Simply Mindy, is now available to play on Patreon. It'll stay that way until the beginning of January, at which point this first build (little more than a demo, really, though it does have some sexy times) will go up on the devblog, similar to Soo Cubus. And so the pattern will continue.

If you've seen the 'good' ending of Soo Cubus, you'll have an inkling of where this game's going. Just an inkling. Needless to say, I intend to make it bigger, shinier, and perhaps even sexier than Soo Cubus. Huzzah!

Hiatus Kinda

The next two updates (for Simply Mindy, that is) are going to be Patreon-only, and from now on patrons will be two builds ahead rather than one. More bang for your buck, y'know? Consequently, the only updates to the devblog will be progress reports and teasers of the new game, as well as perhaps one or two builds of Soo Cubus with further bug fixes and polishing. If'n you like your sexy games free, then I guess I'll be seeing you in January, pardners.

Please note also that from this point on I'm going to release new builds every two weeks, not every week. The resulting builds should be of superior quality as a result, and my stress levels will drop substantially. Kthnks.

Oh, and I'm going to revamp the devblog. Because Simply Mindy is too big to fit into the window. It stretches across the boundaries of the damn side menu. Fie upon it for that.


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