Wednesday, 11 May 2016


EDIT: I've moved the build to the LATEST BUILD icon, on the right. Didn't want users to get unnecessarily annoyed by the music going off when the game loads.

- There's now a proper intro sequence. Click on the golden tower in the background to watch it play.

- There's also some music, courtesy of Purple Planet. Haven't added any volume controls yet, so if you're not a fan you may want to turn your sound off altogether while playing the game. I'll work on this shortly.

- More animations have been added, and when you reach 15 Charisma you'll unlock a new area to ply your trade. You can also visit the College, the Pub, and the Gym, and receive bonuses from each, though the Pub (which boosts Charisma) is the only place that currently has any effect on game play.

- When your Charisma gets high enough you can trigger an alternate, better-paying animation in the alley. A Charisma above ten or so should do the trick. Still not quite a proper game, but I'm workin' on that. Enjoy!

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