Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.4 hath gone the live to the public!

Check it out under Latest Build, at the top, per usual. The new stuff:
  • There are two more main-map areas, to the right and to the left. The left has no purpose yet, but the right does... after some digging. Befriending NPCs will unlock interactions over here, and allow you to sleep in their houses. Do this enough times for yet more scenes.
  • Speaking of which, the library has been fleshed out more, and will allow you to get into Guy's house for sleepovers. Figure out how on your own.
  • A new quest line / NPC has been added via the cars. You'll need to raise stats and perform enough interactions at that location to unlock it.
  • Text boxes have been all fixed up, for the most part.
  • INT, unfortunately, still doesn't do anything besides open the library. I have a whole random event system set up, but it's still a bit too buggy for my tastes. It'll be fixed by the next public release.
  • There's probably other stuff I've forgotten. I got a lot done for this one. Explore!

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