Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.3.5!

New build available! It's kind of an intermediary version, as I wanted to post something new for my Patreon dudez. Has a new area to fuck about in, as I recall, and... that's about it, I think?

Not to plug myself too extensively, but the Patreon version I just posted has substantially more stuff in it, 'cause it has five days' worth of new stuff rather than two. Just... just puttin' that out there.

Anyway. Enjoy! Click dat new build!


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  2. face, your work is going well, if you need, I have developed me a little pixel art, I can send you some pictures for you to see if you want help with something I am available

    1. Not right now, thanks. I generally like working alone. I'll keep you in mind, though.