Monday, 9 May 2016


I suppose it's not that auspicious to be the first poster on your own blog, but... whatever.

ANYWAY. I am Sexums, and this is my dev blog for Soo Cubus, my upcoming adult-themed sim game. Soo Cubus will be completely free - though I will be instating a Patreon campaign in the near future, with rewards for those who help me out - and, hopefully, will also be sexy. I strive for sexy.

I'll be posting any updates to the game as it develops on this blog. I'll also post them on the Legends of Krystal forum, as it's kind of the hub for adult Flash games.

More updates to come. In the meantime, have a look at the game as it currently stands! You can fuck around and do a few basic things in this pre-alpha. There are a couple of animations in it already - though no cumshots as of yet, if anyone's wondering - and you can earn a bit of money. Note that you have to pay your apartment rent in a different way if you don't have $100 at the end of each day.

More updates to come. Stay tuned!

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