Friday, 12 January 2018

Simply Mindy 2.6.0 / 2.8.0 Preview / Poll Winner

It's that time again. Let's get started.


This week's freebie build has three new features which I brought in to give players a little alternative for building up their stats.

- First up are Minor Crises. Minor Crises pop up on the main city hub page from time to time (it's pretty obvious when they do), and when encountered present Mindy with, well, a minor crisis. You're given a situation, allowed to choose between three stats to resolve it, and see what happens. Succeed and you get a little prize; fail and you get a little penalty. Either way you get some cheeky animations. These will work into some of the storylines (already have worked into Soo's storyline in 2.7.0), but for the most part you can avoid Minor Crises completely if you're not keen on the idea.

- Next are Titles. If you click on Mindy's face on the main hub screen you'll be taken to a new screen where you can choose a Title for Mindy. Titles will give Mindy little bonuses when she sleeps. Note that these effects are negated under weird circumstances (story-based, usually) or if Mindy hasn't paid her rent. Titles are usually earned through end game bonuses, and when they're unlocked once they're unlocked for good 'n all.

- Last is another 'school' NPC (I want to give her a unique backdrop some day) who will allow you to swap stats for stats at a 2:1 ratio. You can also purchase some Titles from her. (And, naturally, she has been worked into the sexy-sexy animations in 2.8.0, specifically in Modelling.)

Also, a bunch of little fixes for past problems. There are always more bugs to root out and stomp.

2.8.0 Preview

I was deep-diving in code a lot this week, so I set the storylines aside for a bit and focused my non-programming efforts on new animations. Filled in a bunch of gaps in the lineup, including:

- Two new animations for Shay at the school;
- Four new Modelling animations;
- Two new Camwhore animations;
- Two new Farming animations;
- Two new Cosplay animations; and
- Two new Mascot animations.

It's a solid lineup. I think Mindy looks good in the Team Rocket outfit. Even if the iconic 'R' never makes an appearance.

A heads-up in advance to would-be Patreon subscribers that last week's build was a bit of a shitshow because of a change in Stencyl versions with unanticipated consequences (a lot of stuff broke), and much of this build focused on fixing what went wrong. Just sayin', things that worked before may be a bit janky, though I've gone to lengths to address the issues. You won't have any troubles getting at the new animations, at the very least.

Poll Winner

Whoops. Forgot to preview last build's poll thing. Ah well. It was Metroid-related.

Anyway! THIS build's $3 patron-exclusive animation bundle was a bit unique. I gave my patrons a bunch of polls, and the results helped me cobble together a new female character. Behold Lady Tang, insidious pirate captain of the Sooniverse. And, yes, I've incorporated her into Simply Mindy in a little cameo. Will probably give her a bigger role in a future game, whenever that might happen.

Wanna see her get nailed now? Well, hey, it's only $3...


  1. glitch obtaining rock/computer part from the battle in first zone against watermob/godess battle from the statue.

    4/5 the game freezes when you kill them. if you use a spell your able to finish the battle where it shows you obtaining item but it never goes into inventory.

    after obtaining the 2nd set of seduction moves the skill that steals items comes up as a blank box for all of the act 3 mobs & bosses.

    also more information in quest dialog to obtain the brasier to get past cherrie's husband on the mountain would be helpfull

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  3. Does anyone have any idea how to get the 3rd Soo ending. The one that needs "very specific sequence of events to find". Because I have looked for a while and can not find it.