Friday, 26 January 2018

Simply Mindy 2.7.5 / 2.9.0 Preview / Poll Results

Oooo, the big day. Soo makes her comeback. Are you ready for dis?

Preemptive Disclaimer

First off I should warn y'all that this build was a royal pain in the ass. I was forced to make a swap to a newer version of Stencyl, and doing so broke a few things. Notably the doors in the dungeons. I more or less fixed 'em, but they're less precise than they used to be. So. Be prepared for that.

The fix also made Simply Mindy a bit... temperamental, I found, when played in a browser. When I was testing it before it wouldn't retain my save game on Chrome. Checking now, it did keep the save game. I dunno. Regardless, I highly recommend you all stop playing it through the browser - yes, I know, I still have an embedded version up, for some reason - and just download the thing. Get a nice standalone version of Flash and play from your desktop. Or, perhaps, a folder hidden deep in your computer.

Browsers don't like Flash anymore. Just... save yourselves the pain.


Anyway! This build is pretty big, and though it has the usual two-path storyline things change more than usual if you go one way over another. I tried to emulate the faction wars-style play of Bethesda games in this one, and depending on which of Soo's jobs you pursue more fervently - and how you answer questions in the cut scenes - you may end up with her as a lover, or... someone else. Here's what you can expect outta this build:

- Eight new lover animations, shared between Soo and the new guy;
- A branching storyline with a fair number of possibilities - remind me not to try that again any time soon, it was a bitch to do;
- A sort of prep quest that will take you all over the game looking for stuff, regardless of which faction you back;
- If you side with Soo, a tower defence-style mini game, because I wanted to experiment;
- A battle if you don't side with Soo, three guesses who you'll be fighting; and
- A whopping seven new endings. Five are related to Soo and the other dude, two are related to the two jobs that trigger all of this (Prostitute and Arm Candy). One of the endings requires a very specific sequence of events to find, and I look forward to your complaints.

It was fun to write Soo again. She's such a goof compared to Mindy.

2.9.0 Preview

Thanks to a big 'ol poll, my Patreon decreed that Emm, owner of the dungeon shop, would be the next NPC to get the storyline treatment. Consequently, 2.9.0 nets you:

- A branching storyline starring Emm, who is more important than you might think;
- Three new sexy sleepover animations;
- Three new endings; and
- Two new battles. Image above unrelated, I swear.

$2? Oh man, yes. Only $2.

Poll Results

I wanted to see how a redux Mindy would look, using the slightly-higher-quality sprites I've been employing for the Patron bonuses.

... I think she turned out okay. Don't you? $3!


  1. The Stencyl update managed to really do a number on the door leading back out from the HardBeast. It's possible to go into the room, but not back out as far as I can tell (so although I can still get the "Crude Lover" ending it's not possible to get the last beast ending). I'm playing version 2.7.5 in a standalone Flash player (if that makes any difference).

    1. I second this. It makes getting that ending impossible. once you enter that secret room with the hardbeast you cant get back out, even if you defeat it.

    2. Just use "Escape Dungeon" button or just run into a wall as long as your stamina allows you to.

    3. I got that ending and never experienced the bug you mention. I guess I just left the dungeon after defeating HardBeast.

    4. Those button are not on display at the top left of the screen when you enter the room. So you cant escape the dungeon that way. Nor can you leave the room. This bug seems to be on 2.7.5 because i got the ending no problem on a earlier build.

    5. Man, I got this ending just now, in 2.9.0, so IDK… Just fiddle around the exterior, sometimes it just doesn’t work at the tile that it’s supposed to work.

    6. It must off been fixed in the build you are playing (2.9.0). But in 2.7.5 it seems impossible to leave that room.

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