Saturday, 30 December 2017

Simply Mindy 2.5.0 / 2.7.0 Preview / Fanart Finally

Sorry for lateness, guys. Seems like it happens a lot, lately. Mixture of weird personal stuff (my grandmother kicked my laptop down a flight of stairs and broke it?), the holidays, and the game becoming increasingly complex.


At long last, contests are fully-implemented in this build. All four of the seasonal contests are up and running. They include:

- The usual wet t-shirt contest, with some new contestants;
- A button-tapping, cum-rising, heat resisting contest;
- A modeling contest, where you pick an outfit and a pose for Mindy and she does the rest; and
- A quiz. Get questions wrong and Mindy gets dipped into a vat of tentacles. Guess what happens to her then.

Aside from a little glitch in the quiz where some of the questions don't appear (which has been fixed in a later build), it's all good. There's also a new ending tied to the contests, because of course there is, and the next build has two more contest-related endings.

2.7.0 Preview

Not up yet, as of this message, but soon. It's a complicated one.

2.7.0 is a Soo-centric build, so fans of Soo Cubus should get a kick outta this one. It covers the Prostitute and Arm Candy storylines, which squirm together and build into a battle against another NPC. Choose your faction based on decisions made throughout the two storylines and see who comes out on top. This build includes:

- Two heavily-related storylines that come together and interweave;
- A new NPC to face off against Soo (no, not that dude above, he's just involved);
- Eight (!) new sleepover sexy-sexy animations for Soo and the newcomer, depending on which side you ultimately choose for Mindy;
- Seven new endings, five related to the Soo stuff, two for the Arm Candy and Prostitute jobs alone; and
- A basic tower defence minigame that pops up if you side with Soo. If you don't you instead get a battle, which is less interesting, but still a thing.

It's still underway, but I'm hoping to have this bad boy up before I go to bed tonight. Barring that, sometime later today (Sunday). So if you jump on Patreon to get it, you might need to wait a little while.

Guy Gin!


Yep, I'm a dick. I finally got around to posting the fanart that has been accumulating for the last few months. I've sent messages to everyone who sent the pics along, and posted 'em on the fanart page. I'll made a more concerted effort to wade through the ridiculous amount of email in my inbox on a regular basis so these don't slip through the cracks again.

If you sent art and I missed it, please resend it. I promise I'll be good this time maybe.


  1. Hey, no worries at all, man. I'm just glad I made the cut! Thanks, so much for the shout-out.

  2. does anyone know how to get soos 7h ending i already got stoped enoug times but that only gives same ending as fighting soo just without fiht