Saturday, 2 December 2017

Simply Mindy 2.4.0 / 2.6.0 Preview / Poll Results

Oh my god, I got it done on time this week. Kinda. If 4 am-ish is considered 'on time'. I dunno. When you're your own boss the lines about that shit get kinda fuzzy.

Simply Mindy 2.4.0

This week's public build revolves entirely around JizzBiz, the blind-blonde-bombshell who, uh, 'runs' Hell's gloryholes. I guess you can run a gloryhole. You get the usual bunch of shiznit with her:

- Four new sexy animations with JizzBiz if you make her a 'lover', though there's a bit of a spin on that this time 'round;
- A branching storyline, which, again, is a bit different from the norm - you'll see what I mean when you get into it; and
- Four new endings. Three for JizzBiz, one for the Gloryhole job.

Yep. Sounds standard, operates a bit differently. JizzBiz has been neglected for a good long while, so hopefully y'all enjoy the conclusion of her story. (Her sisters get in on it a bit, too, if you like the whole family.)

Simply Mindy 2.6.0 Preview

This week's Patreon build adds a few new features to the game, one of which involves the images above:

- First up are Minor Crises. Minor Crises are semi-daily stat challenges that allow Mindy to battle everyday life in Hell. You encounter a crisis, you pick one of three stats to resolve it, you see how you do. There are different animations dependant on how well it all goes. And yes, the three peeps above are from the Minor Crises. Not a massive addition, but fun - and an alternative for building up your stats.
- Second are Titles. Titles are items, of sorts, which grant bonuses when equipped. Most of them at the moment grant Mindy an extra point in a particular stat when equipped, again, as an alternative means of stat building over simple grinding. Titles can be either purchased or won via ending bonuses.
- Third is Carla, a semi-schooling NPC who allows you to both swap stats (2:1 ratio) and purchase Titles. And yes, Carla will probably appear in sexy scenes in the future. I wouldn't throw a girl into the game and not show her having sex at some point.

Oh, and two more endings. Just because.

That's that. Whaddya waiting for? $2 is so little.

Poll Results

Last week's poll looked inward, and I gave my precious Patrons the option to choose between a whole bunch of Sooniverse girls. Top three wound up in a threesome together.

So... they chose... Mindy... and another version of Mindy... and a girl who might as well be Mindy.


At least I know Mindy is popular, yeah?

Build Schedule / Apologies

Another month-long build time is coming up, so the next build release is gonna be late in December, four weeks from now. Holidays, you know. Not much point trying to cram in a smaller build. That said, the next one is going to be a double-decker storyline for Soo, so that'll be fun.

I also need to apologize to those who have sent me fanart. My email account gets a few dozen emails every day, and several fanart messages got buried in all the Patreon stuff. I'm going to update the devblog a bit over the holidays, and once I do I'll add the fanart. Again, many apologies to those of you who submitted art. It's all pretty swag stuff.


  1. I'm kind of wondering - when is it going to be finished (or at least 90% finished)? I've played it a lot, but there's always another update / upgrade before I finish the game. And I hate having to start over....

    1. Start over?
      You can simply copy-paste the latest save of the old version into the new version.