Monday, 20 November 2017

Simply Mindy 2.3.0 / 2.5.0 Preview / Poll Results

Sorry for lateness, guys. 2.5.0 ran me into some severe overtime. Finally got done with those damned contests, though... more on that below. First!


The newest public build is good for job-lovers, as it's the final job! Huzzah! This one casts Mindy as a geisha in the house of a burly ol' feudal lord with nice pecs. You get the following:

- All eight goddamned season animations - not sure if I've ever managed to do that in a single build before;
- The first chunk of the NPC story associated with the newest guy; and
- The ability to make said newest guy into a lover, along with one animation.

I'm looking forward to finishing this particular story up. It gives not only one of the (in my opinion) neater NPCs lots to do, it also gives Lil D a lot to do. And I do so enjoy writing Lil D. He's such an asshole.

2.5.0 Preview

Y'know that cut scene that you probably all skip over by now that takes you into a wet t-shirt contest? Good news: the cut scene is gone! The wet t-shirt contest is still there, though, and it's accompanied by three more seasonal contests! The new contests in 2.5.0 include:

- An Overheating contest, where Mindy and another contestant try to hold out against the irrepressible heat of rising jizz;
- A Modelling contest, where you pick a costume (like the one above, my personal favourite) and a pose for Mindy and watch her strut about against other competitors for points; and
- A Quiz contest that will test your knowledge of the Sooniverse. Mindy is suspended over a pit of happy tentacles, and the more questions you get wrong, the closer she gets to slimy happy time.

Also, the wet-t contest. It has two more competitors. That is also a thing. Shiny tits, anyone?

Patreon. Right now. You know the scam. Do it up.

Poll Results

Last week's poll was all about anime girls, and the winner was a classic: Bulma, from Dragonball. Thus, she got a buncha animations of herself in different hairstyles, boffing a variety of DB/Z/S alumni.

All the more poignant since her Japanese VA just died.

So... uh...

That's... awkward. Still, spank material?



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  2. Found irritating bug in year 3, Dirtfest dungeon on the Seduction quest in the Brits Tits brothel club - 3rd target, near the dancing poles does not respond to the A command. Exiting and restarting hasn't solved.