Saturday, 12 August 2017

Simply Mindy 1.7.0 / 1.9.0 Preview

Yo yo yo. Two weeks, new build, that's the score. Here's what to expect.


This week's version of Simply Mindy covers the storyline of Chico, proprietor of the Cosplaying job. It grants the usual plethora of new stuff:

- Branching storyline with two potential directions to go;
- Four new endings / ending animations, three of which relate to Chico's storyline and one to the Cosplaying job;
- All four sexy animations with Chico if you make him into Mindy's lover; and
- Expressions. For Chico. I like expressive characters.

Also included is an Items / Options screen where you can, among other things, disable some of the effects that commonly cause lag, along with a few other fixes. Ayup.

1.9.0 Preview

A lot of things behind the scenes went wrong this week - my drawing tablet crapped out a few hours ago, yaaaaaay - so this build turned into an animations-filled fuckfest. And that's what a lot of you are here for, so I guess that works, right? This includes:

- Three new sex animations for Seu, the bespectacled lass introduced in 1.8.0;
- Six new animations for the Arm Candy job;
- Four new animations for the Prostitute job (aren't they all the Prostitute job, really?); and
- Two new animations for Aember, including one that didn't make it into 1.8.0 even though it was done, so I guess technically three new animations

For a grand total of sixteen new animations. Not bad, eh? Eh? Especially since I pulled together half of 'em in the last three days? You know you want them now. You know it. Just $2, folks! Patreon waits!


  1. For your ongoing sanity as an artist, I strongly suggest you invest in a Cintiq or similar setup. Art production gets explosively faster when you can draw right on the screen. You can make a pretty good go of it with the sketchbook mobile app and an iPad with the pen thing too if you're on the cheap. Looks like your art is making you some money, which is badass, but with that you have to treat it like an investment too so you don't plateau. Your work kicks ass and I'd rather not see that happen to you any time soon.

    Dunno how much into the programming side you are and I'm not familiar with the engine you're using to build, but one of the best programming things you can do in games is create an EntityManager class, register everything that changes state into that (backgrounds, scenes, sounds, characters, sprites, etc), and then be able to drop them when they aren't present, and maybe add a collection tag that lets you handle them as groups (character + character sounds + scene dialogue, etc). Flash's biggest pain point is memory management, and games usually have lag problems when they have too many idle resources running hidden off the side somewhere. The entity thing can be reused on any project if it's written well also, and it solves a larger degree of idle bugs and gives you a single debugging point for anything active at any point also.

    Keep up the good work man, I'm rooting for you.

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