Saturday, 29 July 2017

Simply Mindy 1.6.0 / 1.8.0 Preview / Flash is Defunct, Y'all

Heydy hey. New build time, as usual. We've got another new storyline this time 'round, so hold onto your butts.


This build revolves around Shirley, the landlady who keeps an eye on Mindy's rent. She was previously a one-animation lover, and now she has a full-on, branching story for you to play through. This includes the following:

- Four new endings, three related to Shirley and one for not paying rent;
- Three new sexy animations with Shirley; and
- A new battle. Because why not.

Before the comments start to fly, you can get at Shirley's storyline by not paying your rent for several days. No one remembers Shirley. Stupid Landlord in Soo Cubus never had this problem...

Also included are two new Ghostings animations for the Maid job, background characters for the Maid job (press the elevator button to make them appear); hints in the Endings Gallery to give you a small idea of how to get each one; and a bunch of little tweaks, including adjusting the Seduction animations for a bunch of the enemies. The next build (1.8.0) finishes them off.

Speaking of which...

1.8.0 Preview

In this brand-new instalment of Simply Mindy we jump into a new job! Took long enough. This one is a Cabaret / Burlesque kinda place, and Mindy will get to jump on stage in a corset and flaunt her goods. The girl above is her emcee, and, yes, her suspenders are inadequate to hide her nipples.

(Seu is actually repurposed from another portrait I drew waaaaaay back before the first build. The main difference is that Seu's breasts are much bigger. Hence...)

This build has the following:

- Six animations for the new job;
- One new animation for Seu, once you turn her into a lover (which means there is also a chunk of the storyline available);
- Four new animations for the School, three for Ink and one for Aember; and
- A whole buncha bug fixes.

Yep. Considering the number of times I got sidetracked the last two weeks I got a fair amount done. Two measly bucks and it is yours!

Flash is Defunct, Y'all

So Flash is dying. Didya know that?

I'm hardly surprised. Flash has been on the decline for years, now, and I knew when I started using Stencyl that its death was imminent. For the good, too - Flash is decent for what it is, but it has lots of security holes, and serious devs have been moving on to bigger and better things for a while now. Probably time I do the same.

I'm not sure when quite yet - maybe in October or November - I plan on taking a two-month-ish break from Simply Mindy in order to learn a new game-making program, most likely GameMaker. I've been eying it for a while now, and have it installed on my computer already. Just need to make the jump. So during that time frame I'm going to make a smaller, practice-run sexy game - I'm thinking a platformer - to get used to GameMaker.

This does not mean Simply Mindy is dead by any means. Stencyl has the capacity to port games to other platforms besides Flash... you just need to pay for a licence. When the time comes I will do this. And, honestly, I'd already planned on taking a Mindy break to try out GameMaker, and the news about Flash is just weird timing that forced my hand. I will finish Mindy, and it will be great, or at least it will be probably better than Soo Cubus. (Stylistically, at least, I'd say it already is.)

So yeah. News about all that shiznit will come in the next few months. In the meantime, have fun with Mindy.

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  1. This game is great. I love how funny and sexy it is while still being a solid Princess Maker like rpg. Keep up the good work. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)