Sunday, 23 April 2017

Simply Mindy 0.9.5 / 1.1.0 Preview

Sorry for the delay, folks. I took an extra day to prep 1.1.0. It's a new dungeon so I had a lot of shit to slot in and a lot bugs to work through. It's hardly 100%, but I'm damned happy with the results.

Anyway! You're not here for that dungeon (maybe), you're here for 0.9.5. (Things went wrong mildly.) Let's get crackin'.


Today's new build features a bunch of new stuff centring around a new job. The juicy details:

- New job: Modelling. Starting in her third year, or earlier if you luck out with your stats, Mindy can get a job as a calendar model, posing in front of a stupid summery backdrop while wearing a string bikini. Sexy times. She gets four animations to start off, 'cause I'm generous.

- New NPC: ShutterBug. He's fuckin' weird. Unlike the other NPCs he is not sexable (kinda), 'cause I needed to make up for the two non-job NPCs somewheres. There is a sex animation associated with him, though. Find it on your own. ShutterBug also has cut scene animations for a goddamned change.

- New storyline! Obviously, since there's a new job, but this comes with a twist: it's finished. Finito. Done. Everything related to ShutterBug is finished, and he comes packaged with three brand-spankin' new endings. One of them is just doing the job a lot, the other two you can figure out yourselves.

- Set up a quest system for storyline-related quests. You can now check your progress and see what you need to reach the next leg of a particular storyline. This does not pertain to dungeon quests just yet. Expect that in 1.2.0.

- Added three new animations for Farmer John. His story doesn't go any further, but by god, all of his sexy-sexy animations are done. Enjoy snuggling with an undead monstrosity.

- Added a new animation for Farming. Yay.

Yep. Go check it out above. I'm proud of the storylines, even if they are pretty danged weird by the end.


New dungeon. New monsters. New bosses. New quests. New bugs. New... new. Lots of new in this one. If you enjoyed the first dungeon you'll like this one more, because I like it more. So there. Specifics:

- Five new monsters;

- Four new bosses;

- Four new quests;

- Items, including equippable shit like Speed Heels that will let you run;

- A shit-ton of small-style sprites gettin' it on; and

- Plenty of examples of Mindy getting nailed. Because it wouldn't be an update without that.

Yep. Patreon, guys. $2. Need I say more? I need not.


  1. In the 9.0 i find 2 ending. How many end is there ?

  2. How do i open the file after downloading the games?