Friday, 7 April 2017

Simply Mindy 0.8.0 / 1.0.0 Preview

I'll be a bit more expansive with this update. Last time... things. Things and stuff.

0.8.Something (This release went a little badly at first)

This release is all about endings, and you're getting six brand-spankin'-new ones, to bring the total up to seven. They include:

- Three for Froglord;

- A Time's Up ending, thereby making the game finite; and

- Two job endings, one for Camwhore and one for Maid, so... I guess technically the Maid one is another one for Froglord? Not really

This also includes the introduction of Bonuses, similar to Soo Cubus, which you can apply to your next round of play in Simply Mindy. There's also a gallery where you can view all of the endings you've collected. Remember: If you start a new game from the main menu without opening your old game, you will delete your save file, along with all endings collected.

Froglord's three endings are accompanied by his complete storyline, as well, so there's plenty to see and do. He also gets the rest of his overnight animations! Hooooope you like Froglord, 'cause this release has a lot to do with him.

Known Bugs

I'd like to set up a dedicated page for bugs I've found and eliminated. For now I'll just stick 'em in this release and hope people bother to read the damned notes. These bugs are fixed in the latest Patreon build, but you public peeps will have to suffer through them a little while longer.

- I have gotten many messages that the battle with the Judge can sometimes freeze when he uses his gavel attack. This is relatively rare, but it does happen. I've replaced the raining gavels with a larger, glitch-free one in 1.0.0.

- People have noticed that you can occasionally spam jobs. Stencyl keeps fucking this up on me despite repeated attempts to fix it, and I don't know why. At any rate, I think I've got this nailed down in 1.0.0, but I'm fully prepared to see someone point it out and vex me once again.

- Job description stat boosts don't always match actual stat boosts. I've gone through and fixed these for 1.0.0.

- The rain in BloodOrb Forest seems to make the game laggy for some people. Still working on an alternative. There are also some minor graphical glitches (black boxes, mainly) which I'm honestly not sure I can fix within the framework of Stencyl, though I'll keep trying regardless.

- The A button doesn't always appear on the screen while trying to interact with things in the dungeon. Pretty sure I fixed this in 0.9.0, but there may still be cases of it in 0.8.0. You should nevertheless have no problems just hitting A and interacting with objects / doors regardless.

1.0.0 Preview

Honestly, 1.0.0 is mainly about sexy animations, 'cause I'm also gearing up for the next dungeon, due out mid-April, god willing. Consequently, all you'll get for this Patreon release is sixteen new animations. Shitty, right? It also has facial expressions for Lil D in cut scenes and a few of the bug fixes mentioned above.

C'mon. You know you can't wait to see Mindy licking an ice cream cone that's wedged between her tits. You know you can't.


  1. Skully. There's a detail about her that points out her identity. Is it obscure enough that no one else has noticed, or is everyone else observant to such an extent that I'm actually slow here.

  2. Can you add some equipment just some add defense and attack for Mindy... Or just being sexy .. you know :)

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  4. Or add some sound effects like in soo cubus :)

  5. Might I suggest making so you can just click the ground in the dungeons to move? For optimum one handed use ;)?

  6. did you fix the intel and spirit bug so that it stops reseting to 0 also where is the farmers brain???