Frequently-Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions I get asked over and over. Here, now, are some answers, so maybe I can stop typing the same sentence.

What do I need to play these games?

Flash. Your browser probably it installed already. If not you can get it here. If you want to play it from your desktop you can download a separate executable here.

How often do you release new builds?

At the moment I release new Simply Mindy builds every two weeks. Check the latest new build in the news then calculate ahead two weeks to figure out when the next build is coming out. Builds are released late on Friday / early on Saturday, barring unforeseen circumstances or wanting an additional day for extra polish. When I'm working on a new dungeon, in particular, the build usually comes out on Sunday instead.

Also worth mentioning here that public players are always two builds (one month) behind Patreon donors. Hint hint.

Is there a walkthrough for Soo Cubus and / or Simply Mindy?

Soo Cubus: Yes! Simply Mindy: Yes!

How do I do _________?

Hey, look, walkthroughs right above this note!

Otherwise, I'm not telling you! I built challenges into the game so you could figure them out for yourself. I'm sure somebody in the comments or on some dirty, dirty forum has the answer written out already, though, if you can't figure something out for yourself.

The game isn't working. How do I fix this?

Both games are (currently) run on Flash, so if they're not working then it's a problem with your Flash. Nine times out of ten all it takes is a fresh download and reinstall of Flash. Your computer may also be blocking Flash from working in some way, probably for security purposes; how you get around that will vary from system to system. Google is your friend in these cases.

Are you going to finish Soo Cubus?

As far as content is concerned - NPC interactions, items, stuff like that - Soo Cubus is finished. There are still lots of bugs to fix, though, and I want to add more sounds, some music, and animations to replace the ones I don't like (there are a decent number of those), so insofar as polishing is concerned it's not done. So yes, I am going to finish it, and I've been working on it already - there just hasn't been enough substantial progress to make releasing a new build worth the bother. Yet.

Could you put cheat codes into Soo Cubus and / or Simply Mindy?

No! I'm not a fan of cheats. And, yes, I know it can be a bummer starting over with zeroed stats each time, but I set up the ending bonuses expressly to offset the lack of cheats, and once you've got a few of them the games get much, much easier.

And just to emphasize, because I get asked this so many goddamned times and I'm willing to bet people won't see this as they skim through otherwise, NO, I'M NOT PUTTING CHEAT CODES IN THE GAME. So stop asking, please.

How do I save my game?

Soo Cubus and Simply Mindy both save automatically after you sleep for the day. There's no way to save manually, because it's too easy to save scum your way through the games otherwise.

I've lost my save file! Or I want to preserve my save file! Or something about save files! Help?

Soo Cubus and Simply Mindy are both Flash games, and they plant save files deep, deep within your computer. It can be a pain in the ass to find 'em. There is, consequently, no easy answer for this question, for two reasons:

1.) It depends on whether you're using a browser or just opening your game straight through Flash; and

2.) It depends on your OS.

I don't yet have a super-fantastic-helpful answer for this question. What I can suggest, however, is that you do a deep-diving search in your system for a Flash Player folder called #SharedObjects. Inside you should find a few sub folders, and one of those will contain the save file you're looking for. It will have the .sol extension.

Unnnnfortunately, I cannot (so far as I can tell) change the name of the save file, and I'm not sure if it changes based on your system. For me it is always mySave.sol, and from what I've heard from patrons it appears to be the same for them. The easiest way to figure out where a save file is located once you've gotten this far, though, is to open up one of the games and roll over an in-game day. This will trigger the saving mechanism. Check the files to see which one has just been updated and you'll have found your save file.

EDIT: This blurb from the ever-helpful Cait31 might save the day:

'So to transfer files I did some search and you need to find your .sol files that represent your save. To do that on windows go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer#SharedObjects\Random numbers or letters\localhost (for me it was localwithNet) Once you have that .sol file you can copy it from one version to another. You need to lauchn at least the new version once so a file will appear that you can replace the one from the previous version. For example right now when I go to where i told you to go I have 5 document that i can open (from simply mindy 0,8 to 1.1) and each document contain a  .sol file you can now transfer those .sol file to the version you desire. Once you transfer the .sol file to 0,8 to for example 1.0 erase the 1;0 that is already there, close, and launch 1.0 version, it should have the 0.8 save in it with the new updates.'

The process for Mac shouldn't be too different, since the directories are largely the same. Again, you need to go deep-diving for #SharedObjects. You'll probably find multiple #SharedObjects files on your system; one of these will be for Chrome, if you're looking to port your game from Chrome to a debugger version of the game. Once you've located the file, you may also want to make a shortcut to the folder for easier access the next time. (Thanks to jnbroussard for the shortcut suggestion.)

When I try to download the file from Dropbox it doesn't work. Help?

I've gotten complaints from a few folks that they can't get Dropbox to send them the file. Some of them even go far enough to install Dropbox on their computer. You do not need to install any Dropbox software to download Dropbox files onto your computer under normal circumstances. If Dropbox doesn't work on your normal browser, try accessing the link on a different browser.

How do I get that one Soo-related ending on Simply Mindy that is seemingly impossible to find?

I have seen a number of posts (and gotten a number of requests) regarding one of Soo's endings in Simply Mindy. I knew people would have trouble with it - I kinda made it that way - but I underestimated just how bent y'all are on getting every damn ending.

ANYWAY. Here's the process, which I'll also toss on the FAQ. I don't like to spoil my games, so don't expect this too often.

- Do the first two Arm Candy cut scenes by doing the job enough times, making sure not to get your Cleanliness above 30;
- During the second cut scene agree to work for Pimpy;
- Do the first two Prostitute cut scenes;
- During the second cut scene choose 'Pimpy' when prompted;
- Raise your Strength and Durability to 40;
- Agree to help backstab Soo in the next cut scene when prompted;
 - Wait a few days.

The key is to not raise your Cleanliness too much. Otherwise you go too far down one of the other paths.

Can I play your games on Android?

Currently Soo Cubus and Simply Mindy are built for computers only, so officially, no, you can't play them on Android. That said, there's at least one third-party Android browser with Flash enabled, so... maybe you can? Android is not currently a priority for me, so I have no idea if this will work or not. Give it a try?

I'd like to help with the game by doing ________. Can I?

Your offer of assistance is greatly appreciated, and I'm glad you like Soo Cubus enough to extend a hand. I will almost certainly say no, however, as I like to work alone, which is one of the reasons I started making this game in the first place. I will nevertheless keep your alleged expertise in mind in case I run into a wall and really need some help.

I have no doubt you're better at what you're offering to do than I am. I'm just a stubborn a-hole who refuses to accept help until I'm dangling off of a metaphorical cliff with a coyote nibbling on my fingers.


  1. What about saving our game? cookies enabled and flash setting set to save info with no privacy tab and still the game will not save progress. Help?

    1. The game saves automatically on each new day. I have no idea why it wouldn't be working for you. Try downloading it rather than playing it in your browser...? Barring that, maybe try playing it in a different browser.

    2. will there be a cheat code to see all sceans for soo cubus and simply mindy??

    3. Not likely, no. I'm not that keen on cheat codes.

  2. So when we download a new game version, does our older version automatically save, or do we have to start over?

    1. Saves should carry over just fine. Depends how you execute the file - the save file goes different places if you're playing through your browser, say, vs. off of your desktop. I will warn, though, that given changes between builds, things might get a bit funky. In this case there shouldn't be a whole lot of trouble since 0.5.5 featured almost exclusively dungeon-related additions, with little to no change to the normal work stuff.

    2. Yeah i don't know how to do that, google doesn't save me on this one

  3. I love your stuff! I've been trying to raise my intellect and spirit the last few game days in Simply Mindy, only to have my intellect or spirit go from almost maxed out down to zero after I hit sleep. I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

  4. I noticed some things about some of the stats and I thought I should point them out. The first thing I noticed is that the prowess stat doesn't stop at 100. right now my prowess is at 219. and the second thing I noticed is that when intellect and spirit reach 100,they reset to 0. is this meant to happen?

  5. If you are looking for the save game location it may also be here (if you are using a windows machine)
    C:\Users\<>\AppData\Local\<>\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\<<random letters and numbers\#localWithNet

  6. I wanted to know if I already implemented two dungeons and how to unlock them is that there are no guides (google translate)

  7. can i please have a complete guide to all endings in version 2.2.0?

  8. Hi, i downloaded the 2.5 version and opened it. It didn't open up the old save and when i tried starting the 2.1 version i had before, the safe was gone.
    I looked into the directory where the savestates usually are and it was empty. I'm not asking you to get my old savestates back, that is probably not possible, but i want to avoid this in the future.
    Do you know why this happened?

    1. It's difficult to say exactly why, but it could just be that your computer occasionally flushes out files in those locations to save on memory. Given that you haven't played for several builds there might be a setting on your computer that gets rid of files in places like that if they haven't been changed in a while. Or this could just be mumbo-jumbo and something completely different happened, hard to tell.

      I'm not sure exactly what you can do to prevent your computer from just up and deleting files, but if you want to ensure that you always have a save to return to you can just copy the .sol when you're done playing and save it in a more secure spot where you know it won't be deleted (like, say, a file folder on your desktop that isn't subject to periodic cleanup by your computer). Then just plop it back into place when you want to play again.

      Bear in mind, too, that Flash files can be very particular about where you place them, so it's possible that the file IS still on your computer and you were just opening the .swf in the wrong place. Try to be consistent with where you open 'em, if you aren't already.

    2. i usually rename the newest version of the game as "simply Mindy" and replace the older one so i can get my saves without doing anything troublesome

  9. I keep getting 'Error #2044: Unhandled securityError' on my standalone flash player debug. It shows when I load it and then doesn't seem to bother me again until I close it the player its self and then lead the game from it again. anyone know whats going on?

    1. Haven't seen that one before, but the newest versions of the game are from a newer version of Stencyl, so that might be why. Try upgrading your debugger version of Flash and see if that gets rid of the warning. You could also try getting a projector version of Flash and see if that gets rid of the warning, though I've not tested Mindy on a projector so I have no idea how well it'll work, or if your save file will carry over.

    2. Hm, I just tried the normal standalone flash player 29 (non debug) and it seem to be fine. Just running smoothly, no error 2044. I dont know man I guess it is just one of those things we will never understand XD.

  10. hi i just downloaded the newest version, but my save files are gone, am i gonna have to start over or is there a way to get them back?

    1. If the save files are gone then your computer probably deleted them. You might want to look for a freeware program that'll do a deep-dive search on your computer to see if you can still find the .sol file. Barring that, yeah, you'll have to start over.

  11. It doesnt let me download the game. It says their is no program to run it?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. The game will not load right. When ever a attempt to play i tit just sits on a loading screen forever. Anyone know what the issue is?

  14. Is there any future plans for a gallery in simply mindy, that includes animations for dungeon fights and jobs ?

    1. Gallery for jobs, probably, when I'm done. Gallery for fights already exists in the brothel.

  15. I posted a walkthrough for Simply Mindy, if Sexums is interested in putting it here that would be cool. I think I did a decent job of it, and I'll update it as updates come out (hopefully):

    1. Ooo! Thank god, I thought I was going to have to do this myself. I will happily throw it up.

  16. How do i get the game to run when i download? I cant get it to work