Saturday, 23 September 2017

Simply Mindy 1.9.0 / 2.1.0 Preview

Hey guys. A little late, I know, but that's kinda par for me. A little late... but not too late. You might even call it acceptably late. I would, at least.

We'll get into the lateness in a minute. First, your free shiznit.


This instalment was supposed to be another storyline one, involving Cabaresque star Seu, but I lost a shit-ton of progress in the middle of it, got frustrated, and put it off until 2.0.0. Consequently, this one is all about new animations. Quick, easy, and sexy.

You'll find the following new animations in this one:

- Three new sexy sleepover animations for Seu;
- The rest of Aember's schooling animations;
- Six new animations for Arm Candy; and
- Four new Prostitute animations. In other words, lots of Soo-related stuff. And yes, she gets involved once or twice.

That's it? That's it. Doesn't seem like much, but it feels like a lot of work when you're half-watching Netflix for days on end.

2.1.0 Preview

The new Patreon build, by contrast, is hella big. It features:

- The third dungeon, in all its stony glory;
- Six new 'normal' monsters to fight, complete with all their sexy animations;
- Three new bosses, also with sexy sexiness;
- Four new quests; and
- I dunno, what the hell else do you want? It's a dungeon. People love dungeons.

What's more, the dungeon is going to feature a sort of semi-DLC this coming week, as I didn't finish everything I wanted. So the list above is going to grow, including more bosses, two new endings, and a few more quests. Lots to done, not enough time in life to do it.




Such a teensy amount, yeah?

(Just keep in mind I'm still working on the damned thing as of this posting, so if you immediately rush to play... well... just keep in mind I've barely slept the last three days! Yay for testing!)


  1. Really appreciate the good work, my man (or woman)! It's a blast going through the new builds and seeing the amount of work you've put in. Quality stuff.

    One minor suggestion though: Would you consider adding a Skip button to the Mr. Moe intros? Y'know, the one where you're going for a new ending and end up at "the orifice"? Would make it a lot less tiresome when we're going through the (Oh my Lord so many) endings.

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