Soo Cubus

I created most of Soo Cubus myself. That said, there were other people involved. Sexy people. Many of whom... probably don't even know that their work is in this game. Yay! Enjoy some credits.


All of the BGM comes from I plan on making my own background music, but for now his tracks are pretty sweet. Soo Cubus uses the following tracks:

- The Duel (Cinematic)
- Enigmatic (Cinematic)
- Funny Song (Funky / Groove)
- Sexy (Funky / Groove)
- Jazz Frenchy (Jazz)
- The Jazz Piano (Jazz)
- Rumble (Rock)
- Creepy (World / Others)

Sound Effects

- Moaning
- Sewer dripping
- Licking (I bet that person will be really happy when they find out what I did with their audio)
- Punching
- Mario sound effects

Any other sound effects not listed here were probably somehow made by me, because I do in fact have a decent microphone.

Simply Mindy

Yep, Simply Mindy requires a bit of crediting as well.


Though I don't need to credit the dude, since I paid for the rights, many of the tracks in Simply Mindy (the better ones) come from Filippo Vicarelli at He makes some sweet, sweet sounds.

Sound Effects

- Small crowd applause
- Small crowd booing

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