Sunday, 26 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.8 is now live, and brings with it additional boning.

Yay! Boning! Check out Latest Build to see what has changed and what remains gloriously similar. The new features you can expect are as follows:

- Sew now has a house! You can go there and fuck around with her. Eventually that becomes literal.

- In addition, Sew's club has its third and final animation, as well as the 'fail' animation, which is at least more enjoyable to watch that those of other locations. Sew also pops in occasionally to take your place once she and Soo are lovers.

- Joe also has a house! Unlocked in the same fashion as Sew. Two getting-to-know-him animations, three sexy animations. You don't have to go through the sewer to reach Joe each time, but you do still need to unlock him by making treks into the place.

- On a downer note, you get charged full rent regardless of where you stay at night. The free ride's over, folks. Sigh.

Next week: a mall, items, ability-linked animations, more animations in general, and... y'know. Sex. Lots of sex. Check out the Patreon page for a fuller listing of what to expect if you dole out a pittance of that sweet, sweet moolah. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Among other things, choosing an ability at the beginning of the game will unlock one of three 'beasts' in the sewers, each tied to one of the abilities. These are going to be fairly rare, and the cost of losing to one is harsh - but the benefits of besting a beast will be worth the effort.

Above is the CharismaBeast, because boobs are quite charismatic. I think so, anyway.

Will there be a beast for Hard Mode, you ask? Possibly, possibly...

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Aaaaand we're up to Pre-Alpha 1.7.

We're just whizzin' along now. The new stuff you can expect:

- There is now a horse track in the game. You can go there from the start and lay down bets to make some money, though like all gambling the odds are against you. If you want you can use Soo's body to pay off her debts, though this uses up Stamina. Because this could be easily gamed, you use up more Stamina paying off larger bets, up to a full day's worth, and you can't make those larger bets if you don't have enough Stamina. There will soon be three separate animations for this, but at the moment there are only two.

The horse track is still a touch buggy, though on the whole it works as intended. If for some reason you can't place a bet, either Leave or click the Bet button to reset the functionality. Shouldn't be any bugs beyond that.

- Go to the horse track enough and you can also unlock the church. Shouldn't take too long, though you'll have to lay down some cash. At the moment the church is a standard hookin' location.

- I've incorporated the intro into the game startup. You can still Skip it if you like.

- Because I keep getting complaints, you can now play past day one hundred, though you still have to watch the bad ending. Eventually this functionality will be shunted into a sandbox mode that will be unlocked by completing the game with a 'good' ending.

- Added more personality to a lot of the cut scenes by adding more emotion images. Still haven't finished 'animating' all of them, however.

- Pumped up the starting money a touch, from $400 to $600. We'll see if that helps address some complaints about the difficulty. (I fear it might become TOO easy past a point. I was testing it earlier today and had, like, over $10,000 by day fifty...)

- Fixed some textbox / bobbing icon overlap on the main city screen.

You know where to find the latest by now, I'm sure. Next week: Sew and Joe get homes. They also get fucked! (Though, you know, if you threw a paltry two dollars at my Patreon account, you could see them now...)

Friday, 17 June 2016

I'd say the chances of her losing are pretty low at this point.

Next Patreon update, Sew jumps into the housing market.

(And maybe Joe. Maybe.)

Monday, 13 June 2016

Dropbox upgrade.

No huge news - just had the game go down temporarily, as Dropbox decided I'd used too much bandwidth for one day. (And this is as of noon my time, no less.) I've upgraded to Dropbox Pro, so hopefully this isn't an issue going forward.

If you want to help offset the cost of Dropbox Pro I will gladly accept Patreon donations. No pressure.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.6.5 is on teh web.

Because things went a bit wonky on the Patreon side of things the public release is more robust than usual, and has plenty of new stuff to explore:

- A new location: the jail. You'll unlock it. Trust me, you'll unlock it.

- The next major NPC is implemented, also tied to the jail. She has her own home - though it's possible to not unlock this location, if you don't conduct yourself properly. (I'm not a massive fan of her current sex animations so I may redo them in the future.)

- Said NPC can also earn you some money!

- The cut scene in the sewers is now active. It's also joined by another one if you keep entering the sewers. (You can't visit the associated NPC in its home just yet, however.)

- Added two new monsters to the sewers, and changed the blob animation.

- There are two more 'bad' endings. Tied to this, the game is now finite, and will end at 100 days. This is more than enough time to see everything there is to see. (The time limit is removed on the next version, for those of you who want to complain about it, though it is going to be there on the full release, so... maybe just get used to the idea, yeah?)

- Implemented the early-bird version of the abilities, which you can select from the same screen as your beginning stats. Right now all they really do is give you a chance for more stat boosts each day. In the future they will do more. Note that the Hard Mode ability does nothing at this point.

- Added a few cumshots. Click on the sprites to see whether or not they’re implemented.

- Smoothed out most of the art. I got annoyed by the flat-edged shading and went back to soften the colours. I like the look a lot more. Haven't changed all of it yet, but most of this has been done. I've also been reducing image sizes while doing this, so the game shouldn't wind up being too much of a beast by the time I'm done. 

- Added more emotion to a few of the cut scenes. Soo actually reacts to things now! Ye gods!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

You voted for a church.

You're getting a church.

(Next week. Unless you're a patron! Shameless plug!)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Revamp dat slime

If you've read any of my Patron posts, or on forums, you'll know I hated the old sewer blob sprite. This has been remedied.

That is all.

(And yes, the sex animation looks much better as well. I've also added another monster, and when next you public folks play, you'll find another bad ending in the sewers. Yay!)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Pre-Alpha 1.5 is up!

Yup. Click Latest Build to do it up. The new stuff:

- Once you have some well-balanced stats (offhand they all need to be in the teens) you'll gain access to the sewers for some RPG-esque exploration. You can only do this at 3+ Stamina, and you're pretty much committed to exploration for the day if you head down. The sewers have an NPC encounter, but it's not working properly yet, so I've kicked it out until next week.

There are more sex scenes in the sewers, but there are consequences to losing encounters. If you fear for your stats, flee!

Please note that the sewers are still buggy, though I think I've ironed out the issues that will freeze the game, and every remaining issue should be fairly minor. Let me know if you have any major issues while exploring. If you fear for your game, don't enter the sewers until you've explored everything else.

- Random events have been implemented, and are tied to your INT stat. The higher your INT, the more often you'll get random events. These happen at the beginning of each day. Again, let me know if anything goes wrong - I think the random events are okay now, but I'm not 100% positive.

- A new location has been added after you gain a small handful of Charisma, just to make the early game a bit more interesting. As far as wealth accumulation goes it's no different from the alley.

- Added a few new animations. I think. I recall? At the very least I added a new random event to the Gym. I know I did that much.

This also means that Pre-Alpha 1.6 is up on Patreon, as well. Pop over there to see the new stuff available for patrons, which includes a lovely, lovely jail for Soo to visit / fuck about in.